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  1. International Logistic Forwarder Service by DHL Express Delivery

International Logistic Forwarder Service by DHL Express Delivery

  • Type:Express
  • POL:Shenzhen, China
  • POD:Worldwide

1. Fast, safe, reliable 2. Discount freight rate 3. Professional operation to sure goods safety 4. Daily unique tracking feedback

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International Logistic Forwarder Service by DHL Express Delivery


1. We can pick cosmetics, such as: Mask, eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, hand cream, facial cleanser, vials paste cosmetics;
2. We can connect speakers, magnets, motors, motors, refrigerators, air conditioners, air compressors, compressors and other equipment products; Single large wooden packaging proposal;
3. Handicrafts and electronic products can be accessed with the liquid and other products, such as: The bulk of the pen / ballpoint pen / pen, water dance speakers, contact lenses, crystal balls, light sticks, mouse and U dribbling liquid, supplies, candles, etc;
4. Can be accessed by gambling, playing cards, chips and mahjong;
5. Special Products, charging product, pure liquid, powder, pharmaceuticals, large bottles or unknown paste products!

BSW Shipping main Business:
1) Air Freight: The air service from Guangdong Province and Hong Kong to all over the world with more than 150 airlines.
3) Courier Express ( Door to door): UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT, ARAMEX, China POST, China EXPRESS.

Advantage Service:Shenzhen BSW Logistics Co., Ltd.
* Customs Clearance (import & export)
* Warehousing and packaging
* Household Goods & Personal Effects Removal Services
* Insurance & Door to door Service
* Trucking / logistics service
* Consolidation/Deconsolidation service
* Shipping agent & Distribution
* Stuffing & Devanning & Groupage
* Triangular Trade
* Exhibition Cargoes  

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*Weight/Dimension/Volume of your cargo:
*Other Requirements,if any:
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